Free Practice GuideIt’s that awesome day, when the student receives a new solo sheet music that they are so excited about! They can’t wait to learn and perform the music for their family and friends so they leave excited to practice. Only to come back the next week saying they couldn’t really get that part… As a teacher, I hate when a student has lost the excitement for the piece even for a second!

This is when I wish there for a practice page with several tricky sections written out with fingering so students could be prepared a week in advance of receiving the actual sheet music. Of course we can always prepare those cleanly written out practice guides ourselves, but I know for me there’s often so much on my To-Do List that this rarely gets done. Well lucky for you, I’ve prepared a simple Practice Guide for my arrangement of “Silent Night”! When you sign up for my brand new newsletter here you’ll receive this late elementary piano solo arrangement for FREE. Armed with the practice guide and this lovely arrangement, you’ll be all set to light up that next student’s musical world. Hope you enjoy it!

Download: Silent Night Practice Guide