Simple Gifts – 3 Part Ensemble


Perfect for a quick elementary level ensemble at home or at a group class! A great piece to focus on listening and balance between parts.


When in need of a simple ensemble activity for group classes, I love to use 3 part ensembles. Easy to have students sight read their own part and then practice playing together. Listening to one another is hard enough that it helps to have a simpler part when working on balance together! The melody is moved around so each part gets a turn to play it and dynamics are written in to help bring out that melody. Each part is written within C 5 Finger patterns to make reading easier.

Also easy to use with other instruments. If you have a sibling on violin, try giving them a line and play one note of any written chords. Students love playing with their siblings and/or musical parents at home to put together a quick trio over the weekend. If any singers want to join, the lyrics to the Shaker hymn are beautiful added in too!

Such a lovely ensemble to put together over Thanksgiving weekend