Count Your Many Blessings


Maybe it’s because spring finally came or maybe it’s due to of the chaos happening around the world, but I have seen so many daily miracles in my life lately. It made me reflect on the many blessings I never even think about. This song reminds me to be more thankful each and every day of all the small things. I hope you enjoy playing this piece as much as I do!


A beautiful piano solo of one of the BEST hymns. Gratitude brings so much happiness to my heart and I love having this tune stuck in my head to remind me to be more thankful! (Not the best audio recording yet, but a real recording is coming!)

Watch out for some syncopation and one key change from C Major to D Major. Early advanced rhythms and runs make this a very fun piece to practice and perform! Perfect for a special number in church, a performance for a recital or anything else. Enjoy