ZIGZAG JAZZMy newest piano solo of the month is Zigzag Jazz!  When one of my elementary students learned this piece, I wanted to give her a headstart with a practice page. Thus today, I thought I’d share it with y’all so when you go to teach it you’ll have a few ideas to help students prepare. I often give students a “practice page” the week before they receive the actual piece – it acts as a short sight reading exercise too!

This piece keeps the LH very stable in C position with the added F# under finger 2 all the time. But the RH has a bit more movement. First, it starts in F position only to move in measure 3 to C minor position. With this practice sheet to separate out the parts, I hope students can learn melodies easily first hands separate and then together. Since they play off each other’s beats, it’s so fun to put together as soon as possible! Hope your students enjoy the jazzy sounds as much as mine do!

Download: ZigZag Jazz Practice Sheet