FeatureCover“Why do I have to practice Hanon?” Ever heard that question? Sometimes it’s hard for students to see the relationship between their technique exercises and repertoire. I love when pieces use a certain scale or arpeggio patterns that we’ve been studying but often, it’s hard to point out the value of certain exercises to my younger students. Thus today I’m sharing a practice page – it’s really a Left Hand piano exercise page with the same pattern in several different rhythmic variations. Given in preparation for my new piece, “Drifting”,┬ástudents will come back after a week of practicing this page to be ready for the required hand independence within the piece.

Another way to use this is to encourage students to spend a week transposing this exercise to new keys as well. Encourage them to pick a new hand position to try it in each day so they can’t get bored!

Hope you enjoy this page!

Download: Drifting Practice Page