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Welcome to the shop. New pieces are featured below. Hope you enjoy taking a look around and come back often to see what’s new!

Welcome to – a brand new site to share my piano compositions.  As a piano teacher, do you ever grow tired of teaching the same flashy pieces or gorgeous lyrical melodies over and over? We need more pieces with less “fluff”, we need music that reinforces concepts and incorporates them in a way that sounds cool to kids. We need more pieces that introduce different sounds and catch students’ imaginations. We need music that fits under the hand easily and makes students stop at every piano to show off their chops!

That’s why I began writing music years ago, and why I’m busy doing it everyday during my children’s naptime. My own students light up so much with this new music that I want to share it with others too!

I also believe in the power of making music together. Too often pianists get stuck in private lessons and solo piano practice. While necessary, ensemble music in every shape and form can show them the joyful side of music making (and practicing) again! Find music for 1 or more keyboards with 2 to 4 players in various levels here for your studio or keyboard class. Make a keyboard orchestra at your next group lesson or hear the giggles as you line up 4 pianists on your bench to practice & perform together.

Piano can be so much more fun with the right music and we aim to give you more musical choices here at! So check out our new site & shop. Sign up for the newsletter to receive your free piece to get started. Your comments would be appreciated as we launch into this new adventure here at!

Students are so much more encouraged to practice with peer motivation so why not encourage duets across your studio? Here are a few of my students’ favorites that I’ve written for them. Various levels are available and new pieces are added regularly so check back often!