Somehow, the seasons keep changing faster and faster lately. I’m still surprised it’s already 2023. Last year was a great one for composing! One of my pieces placed in the top for the peer review category of the Competition in the Fall of 2022! I’ve always loved the work this site does to share sacred music for free. I know it’s saved me multiple times when I needed a special number for church events so I’m honored to share my music there for free now. The winning number was “I Need Thee Every Hour” in an early advanced piano solo that I wrote this fall.

In the Christmas season, I released 2 new pieces as well! First is a striking new arrangement of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing Joy” that I’ve played almost every day this holiday season. There’s a constant beat throughout that keeps the piece moving and a surprising twist at the end. When I wrote it, I was surprised how easily it all fit together just like it was meant to be. I love when pieces work out this way!

The second piece I arranged was a vocal solo, “What Child Is This”. It’s been awhile since I did a vocal solo (several years in fact) but now that we moved close to family I have several amazing singers in the family to call on. We performed this twice with two different sisters and it was such a beautiful opportunity for me to accompany them. There’s a Celtic twist to the melody that I loved hearing every time!

For 2023, I have so many fun compositions in store this year! I’ve loved publishing with and look forward to adding more on there as well. They are awesome to handle any legal rights to arrangements for me so look there for pieces I cannot list on my own website. But remember, I always list all I can here on my own site for the best prices!

Wishing everyone the best year!